The Chipotle Bowl the suspect threw at a Parma, Ohio restaurant employee was chucked full of Karma.

I would consider the age of 39 years old to be grown adult age.  I would hope most people, even in Ohio would agree.  This 39-year-old Ohio woman was unhappy with her Chipotle burrito bowl.  After shouting at the Parma, Ohio Chipotle employee she hurled the burrito bowl at her face.  This action left the employee stunned and covered in food.  One of the customers who witnessed this childish, yet violent behavior ran to the door to stop the suspect from leaving.  You can see video footage of the incident below.

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The suspect was arrested and charged with assault.  In court, the suspect apologized but still pleaded her case that she was unhappy with her order.  Judge Timothy Gilligan wasn't putting up with the nonsense as he addressed the suspect at her sentencing according to Fox 8 in Cleveland,

You didn’t get your burrito bowl the way you like it and this is how you respond? This is not real housewives of Parma. This behavior is not acceptable.

Judge Timothy Gilligan offered Rosemary Hayne an unusual deal in the hopes that it would teach her empathy according to,

Hayne was reportedly given a 180 day jail sentence with 90 days suspended. But, she can shorten her sentence by 60 days if she agrees to get a job at a fast-food restaurant, working at least 20 hours a week. Hayne agreed to the deal and said she will be getting a fast food job.

My favorite quote from Judge Timothy Gilligan, in this case, has to be, "I bet you won’t be happy with the food you are going to get in the jail."

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