The heartbreaking story of Swayze continues and we're looking for a hero.

After spending nearly 2 and a half years at the SPCA of Southwest Michigan, we all celebrated when SWAYZE was adopted on September 13th, but he has been returned due to tragic circumstances in the human's life.  Our heart goes out to the family that couldn't keep him and we wish them the best.  We cannot stress enough that this adorable dog did nothing wrong leading to his return to the animal shelter.

This adorable pitty mix is very lovable and will make a Southwest Michigan family so happy. Swayze would do best as an only pet as he is not a fan of cats and he does not get along with all dogs. He deserves getting all of the attention and love anyway. The SPCA of Southwest Michigan tells us another fun fact about the cute little land seal,

Swayze is deaf, but that hasn't stopped him from learning some sign language for
training. His willingness to adapt and intelligence make him an ideal companion for those familiar with or interested in learning how to communicate with a deaf
dog. With patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement, Swayze can thrive in an
environment where his unique needs are understood and met.

Swayze is a very playful 8-year-old.  He loves his ball and will play fetch with you as long as you're willing to play.  Swayze gets very enthusiastic and focused when he plays.  With that in mind, the SPCA of Southwest Michigan has a recommendation to ensure safety for everyone involved,

Due to the intensity and focus Swayze brings to playing fetch and other behaviors, we do not recommend placing him in a home with young children. While Swayze's enthusiasm is infectious, his intensity during playtime may not be suitable for small children.

Keep in mind, this adorable fur baby has spent years in an animal shelter and needs to learn how to be a dog again.

Dog Days Pet of the Week

  • Name: Swayze
  • Age: 8 years and 5 months
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Shots: Completed
  • Available for Adoption: YES

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SPCA of Southwest Michigan
SPCA of Southwest Michigan
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