Another one!

2022 certainly was a tough year for small businesses in west Michigan. This year alone we've seen the closure of Rock n Roll Donuts in Battle Creek, Food Dance in Kalamazoo, and The Chicken Coop in Constantine-- to only name a few!

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Unfortunately, we've got another local establishment to add to that list: The Patio in Coldwater.

I happened to be scrolling through Facebook when I saw the sad and unexpected news. Says The Patio owner Courtney McClellan,

For nearly six years, our small business has strived to provide our community with an establishment that serves delicious treats in a clean, unique and friendly atmosphere...It deeply saddens us to announce that, that run has come to its end.

What Happened?

Not surprisingly The Patio cites a tough economic landscape including inflation, as well as changing personal and family life among the reasons for closing their doors.

The post went on to add,

The past couple of years have been an uphill battle...Inflation has increased all of our costs with seemingly no end in sight...From getting married, having our first little blessing, and plans for continuing to grow our family, life sure has changed and so has our priorities as new parents.

When Is the Last Day?

You'll be able to enjoy all your favorite sweet treats between now and December 18 when The Patio expects to close its doors. If there's an excess of inventory the owners will consider operating during limited hours until their supply is gone. This news is tough to swallow!

Says McClellan,

We would like to personally thank every single person who has supported this business and our family over the years. We are very blessed to be part of such a great community...even more lucky to be able to call it home.

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