A sad viral video created a tear-jerking Christmas miracle for a struggling family-owned restaurant in Illinois last weekend.

On Thursday, a young lady posted a video on TikTok showing her mother sitting sadly alone in her Taco Restaurant in Glenview, Illinois.  The caption on her video read, "I wish I could give her customers for Christmas."  Four days later, that video has 37.2 million views.  Even for viral videos that number is astronomical.

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That video created a Christmas miracle almost immediately according to ABC 7 Chicago,

Friday night there was a line out the door all night long, and the owner said she hasn't stopped moving since Thursday. They close at 9 p.m. but said they won't turn people away given this sudden fame.

The next video posted to the Taco Bout Joys TikTok profile just one day later shows a very happy and very busy group of people working in the kitchen to keep up with the unexpected demand.  That video has already been viewed 6.7 million times and has the caption, "If you found tears in your tacos, I’m sorry 💖."

That same day they posted a video introducing Joy, co-founder and cook at Taco Bout Joys.  The video also gives a brief tour of the restaurant while showing a happy family all pitching in during this Christmas miracle.  This video has also gone viral to the tune of 4.1 million views.


The family has been updating the Taco Bout Joys Facebook page when they sell out certain menu items, which has happened several times in the last four days due to this incredible viral success.  We couldn't be happier for Joy and her family.  You can check out their TikTok profile by clicking here.

Hopefully, this story will serve as a heart-warming nudge to support local businesses.  There are hundreds of locally owned small businesses that need our help this Holiday season.  Maybe a Southwest Michigan Christmas miracle is next.

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