I cannot believe this local has gone under our radar for so long.

It's Tiktok Tuesday! This week, we're highlighting a local mom who focuses on comedy, podcasting, and fitness for new moms.

Desb___, as she's known on Tiktok, currently has nearly 325k followers and over 5 million likes. That's probably due to her very relatable content. While she is a mom and does make videos targeted to other moms who might be looking for a new fitness routine, she also makes hair tutorial videos, skincare routines, outfit checks, and a lot more.

Here's one where she's giving tips for safe exercises for those who are pregnant:

Core exercises you can do even if you're sitting down:

She also shares what makes her morning a bit easier. Something that all of us could use, whether or not we have kids:

However, the primary focus of her account is fitness. She's been so successful with her fitness journey that she's now developed a 10-week fitness program that can be used during pregnancy and postpartum called Strong Ass Moms. See more here.

Now, keep in mind, there are a lot of people on Tiktok that call themselves fitness influencers and, oftentimes, offer advice that might not be approved by professionals. However, Desb is not one of those influencers. According to her website, she graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.

Whether you're looking for new workout inspiration or just want to enjoy some relatable mom content, check out Desb on Tiktok!

I stumbled across Desb's account simply by scrolling through the app. But, if you know someone who you think should be featured for our next Tiktok Tuesday, you can nominate them! Please note: we like to focus on Tiktok accounts from SW Michigan with at least 10k followers. If that's you or, again, someone you know, just fill out the short form below and hit submit:

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