A young Kalamazoo woman is juicing her way to viral success on TikTok.

Juicy Juicing J also known as @juicyjeanette on TikTok has 54.9 thousand followers and 1.7 million total video likes on the popular social media app.  This is how Jeanette describes her TikTok channel,

My content focuses on produce and juicing. I love creating simple ways to get more fruits and veggies that taste delicious! Fruits and veggies have so many superpowers love showing people ways to get more in!

99% of Jeanette's content is about juicing.  However, her most viewed video is a short video poking fun at her husband.  This TikTok has been viewed 4 million times with 950 thousand likes.

Just the action of juicing coconut meat pulled in 979.7 thousand views and 73.5 thousand likes.

Juicy Juicing J's third most viewed video shows that she can't cut papaya without gagging for some reason.  It's pretty funny and has been viewed 799 thousand times with 105.9 thousand likes.

The video below looks delicious...especially on a hot day.  This juicy TikTok has been viewed 456 thousand times with 58.9 thousand likes.

You can see more of Jeanette's videos by clicking here.

Here are Jeanette's three favorite TikTokers

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