Young tattoo artist in Niles, Michigan attempts to tattoo using substances other than ink with an experimental series called 'Will It Tattoo.'

This 23-year-old tattoo artist in Niles goes by @r3dr4v3n on TikTok where she has 57.1 thousand followers, 1.2 million total video likes and multiple viral videos.

R3D R4V3N's most viewed video is part one of her series 'Will it Tattoo?' This TikTok answers the question, will nail polish tattoo.  This video has been viewed 2.8 million times so far with over half a million likes.

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Her second most viewed video shows R3D R4V3N revealing a tattoo on her calf along with a little after care.  This TikTok has been viewed 2 million times with over 90 thousand likes.

The third most viewed video on this channel is difficult to describe.  It's been viewed 436.2 thousand times with 133.9 thousand likes.

The 4th most viewed video on this channel would have far more views if TikTok wouldn't have tagged it with a dangerous activities warning.  In Part 4 of 'Will it Tattoo?' she tries glow sticks.  This video has 118.3 thousand views and 32 thousand likes.

You can see more of R3D R4V3N's videos by clicking here.

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