This Kalamazoo resident has her own brand of relaxation with viral videos that will give you cute aggression.  Sarah McDaid also known as @sarah_mcdaid_ currently has 47.9 thousand followers and 3.1 million total video likes on TikTok.  We asked McDaid how she would describe her TikTok content.  This is what she had to say,

My content is all about relaxation and skin/scalp care! I love helping people relax and achieve their skin and scalp care goals! I make ASMR videos to help people unwind and relax!

Sarah's most viewed video is so cute it hurts.  This video of a baby scalp massage and facial is about the cutest thing I've ever seen.  This TikTok has been viewed 18.6 million times with 2.8 million likes.

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With a mixture of massaging and ASMR, this video has pulled 4.4 million views and  208 thousand likes so far.

Clearly, many people find watching a facial nearly as satisfying as receiving one as this video has been viewed 97.4 thousand times with 5,172 thousand likes.

McDaid's video showcasing the Ultimate relaxation service has been viewed 65 thousand times so far.

Sarah McDaid's Three Favorite TikTok Creators

You can see more of Sarah's videos by clicking here.

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If you or someone you know is a TikTok creator who lives in Southwest Michigan and has 10,000 or more followers, let me know. You can nominate yourself or someone you know below. Your nomination can be a person, local business, sports team...etc.

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