I remember the first time I heard the words trunk-or-treat as a kid, they kind of scared me if I'm being honest. All I could imagine was adults in the back of their cars luring children in with candy. Isn't that the number one scenario they tell children to avoid?

The whole situation just didn't seem like the kind of thing I wanted to be involved in, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

Trunk-o- treat is the exact opposite of what I thought it would be and is not only more beneficial but also much faster than traditional trick-or-treating.

Trunk-or-Treat is when the homeowners pack up their candy and put it into the trunk of their car before driving to a central parking lot like a school, church, grocery store, mall, etc to give to the trunk-or-treaters.

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Kalamazoo is full of trunk-or-treat options for the kids and teenagers to enjoy as they started at the beginning of the month and will occur all the way through Halloween night. It's not uncommon for the trunk-or-treat events to be spread out throughout the month as this gives families ample opportunities to attend and they can attend all or as many of them as they like.

Throw on those costumes, lace up those shoes (maybe boots), and grab your buckets and bags, but don't forget your coat as you run out the door and into the car. There's a long line of trunks waiting to hand out treats and here's where you can find them in the Kalamazoo area.

This Week

There are a handful of Trunk or Treat events taking place this week starting and Thursday, October 20th, and running all the way through Sunday.

  • Jungle Joes and Plainwell Fit Body Boot Camp are kicking the week off Thursday.
  • Westlake Elementary in Battle Creek is a lone ranger on Friday.
  • Saturday and Sunday are the big hitters as they both have their events spread out between Portage and Battle Creek.

Next Week

Gilmore's Car Museum along with Texas Corners Plaza, Three Rivers Nazarene Church, and more are rolling out on Wednesday while Denooyer Chevrolet and a handful of others will handle Thursday night.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday bring the HEAVY hitters, with Halloween being that following Monday many figured this weekend would be the most suitable.

The weekend will be jam-packed with trunk or treat events from Kalamazoo Orthodontics, ATA Integrity Martial Arts, multiple churches, Kalamazoo Animal Rescue to South Haven VFW, Alegant Affairs, Douglas Community Association, and more.

Halloween Night

With Halloween being on a Monday and most families choosing to go the traditional trick-or-treating route on this day so there aren't many trunk-or-treat events but there are a few. Ironically, all of these events are being held by churches in Southwest Michigan. Faithway Church, Allegan Bible Church, Family Worship Center, and Berean Baptist Church will all have their own festivities.

These obviously aren't all of the trunk-or-treat events that will happen this year in Southwest Michigan. Luckily for you, visiting 2022 Trunk or Treat Events in Southwest Michigan - KZOOKIDS will grant you a full list with times, dates, and locations of most if not all of the trunk or treat events in the Kalamazoo area.

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