With these two things being delivered at once, why would you ever need to leave your house?

When I first stumbled upon the company named Wake N Bake Kalamazoo my first thought was...yes of course. I can't believe more things like this don't already exist.

Now, this is a newer company, judging by their Facebook page and, I'm still trying to figure out exactly how this works.

What's Actually Delivered?

According to their website, coffee. Coffee that will need to be brewed, to be specific. With a special "gift" included. Those gifts include marijuana flower buds, edibles, hash, and carts. Not in great quantity, mind you, but they are included in the order.

Is This Legal?

Great question.

While marijuana is recreationally legal in the state of Michigan, those selling it must first obtain a proper license. Or, licenses in this case. First, a medical marijuana provisioning center license. Once that's granted, a recreational marijuana retailer license can be applied for.

But, since this company isn't technically selling marijuana...I don't know if they would need any sort of license for that specific part of their business model.

After all, you're buying coffee that comes with a free gift. But, with a Facebook page clearly stating what they offer, I have to believe that everything is up to par.

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How to Order

When I checked out the ordering system, I became a bit hesitant.

On their website, there is a button that says order now. But, when you click it, a pop-up window appears asking you to pick an app to make a call. As well, most of the ordering looks to be done using text codes.

I've never worked with a business that uses text messages as the primary method of ordering. But, that doesn't mean it's not legitimate and I'm certainly not here to disparage any budding business (no pun intended).

If you feel uncomfortable with a text, you can always reach out to them through their social media pages to get more information.

In the world of legal, recreational marijuana, I wouldn't be surprised if more unique businesses like this emerge in the near future.

If you're looking to order only coffee, the West Michigan area has several local roasters you can choose from:

And, if you do decide to get a delivery with a "special" gift...might I suggest visiting a planetarium afterward?

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