When you think of a Zoltar machine, you think back to the 1988 Penny Marshall classic film Big, where the main character, Tom Hanks is a child who wishes he could be big and uses the Zoltar machine to make a wish. He wakes up the next day to find out that he is an adult, 17 years older than he was the day before.

One could hope that maybe the Lions' good fortune could improve in the 2024/ 2025 season and maybe we could use a Zoltar machine to wish for the Detroit Lions to go to the Super Bowl. That may be possible now thanks to a Zoltar machine, that is apparently installed in downtown Detroit for the NFL draft.

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Recently on the majors Detroit, they posted a real of Dan Campbell as a tire machine you can go up to him push a button and instead of like Zoltar's advice, it’s audio that plays from Dan Campbell‘s interviews.

This could not only be the thing that the Detroit Lions need to get into the Super Bowl but maybe even a new line of merchandise. Think about it, there have to be tons of Detroit Lions fans out there with way too much money to spend, who would love to have a Dan Campbell Zoltar sitting in their basement.

Regardless, I love the idea that Detroit is fully embracing Dan Campbell as our head coach and that the Detroit Lions have gone above and beyond along with the city of Detroit to welcome in the NFL draft. Hopefully, the magic of Dan Zoltar Campbell will lead us to some good picks.

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