The total solar eclipse, whose totality passed over Indiana, and Ohio brought hundreds of thousands of people into the states as they booked Airbnb, hotels, and other accommodations to be able to sit in the complete path of totality of the eclipse.

While the eclipse was happening, a lot of strange stuff was happening across the country, including a woman in Florida, who said she was directed by God to go on a shooting spree. But that wasn’t the only odd story to surface during the eclipse, as a flying saucer was spotted in Indiana with a photograph to prove it.

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No, the photograph was not photoshopped, it was taken off I-465. But it wasn’t Lil Green Men that occupied it, as one comment or elaborated, that he knew the owner of the flying saucer:

The guy who owns this used to own that car repair shop off of n keystone, right on the corner in front of the mouse trap. One time I took my car to get fixed and he told me and showed me all of his cool collections. About this contraption especially he said "people call the cops every time I drive it and say they swear they saw a UFO. The cops refer to me as UFO Steve and they are never ceased to be amazed.  He was so eccentric and so neat. Like I absolutely loved the hour I spent there chatting with him.

So sadly, it wasn't little green men coming to warn us of the impending doom that awaits our planet. Maybe they'll be here during the next apocalyptic naturally occurring event.

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