The Keweenaw Peninsula's village of Eagle Harbor seems like a serene spot, along the shores of Lake Superior...and it is. But in the 1870s when it was ruled by the lumberjacks, it was close to a madhouse. Almost every night after work, they'd head into town and get sloshed, start fights, kick & maim their fellow timbermen.....not pretty.

But before we get to the photo gallery, here's a brief timeline of Eagle Harbor's history, thanks to

Four men arrive and build the first four structures in town including the very first settler, Edward Taylor.

The first piers were built as well as a small log warehouse.

The Eagle Harbor Mining Company has their headquarters there, bringing in more settlers, families, and workers.

The first lighthouse was built.

Foley Bros. General Merchandise store.

I.O.O.F. is instituted at Eagle Harbor.

Joseph Dahn, hardware.

A fog signal was erected just down from the lighthouse.

With the demise of most of their lumber trade, the town officials started selling lots, more people began coming back to live, and the town began to grow again.

Eagle Harbor was finally incorporated in 1929. It's quite a trek if you're planning a roadtrip there. I've been there and highly recommend you pay a visit as well. The gallery below shows some old photographs – and a few other current ones in comparison.

Eagle Harbor, Michigan


Clark Mine, Copper Harbor

The Overflow Mountain Bike Trail, Copper Harbor

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