Michigan offers residents and tourists a lot of fun things to do, see, swim, ski and whatever else you want to do. Michigan is also surrounded by the Great Lakes, those are always fun to visit anytime of year. What about some sights and scenes we may take for granted or never visited.

I've lived in Michigan since I was 4 years old. Since I started driving I have tried to explore Michigan and discover new cool stuff. Each year there is something new that I visit and learn about. Not matter how many times I go to Mackinaw City or visit the Fort, I learn something new, knowledge is power.

What are the two hidden gems that made the list in Michigan? While they are listed below, I have only been to one of these two locations. Looks like I'm going to gas up and head to Detroit to see the other stop mentioned on the list. There are two locations in the top 25. That's not too shabby, 8% of the U.S.'s hidden gems are here within our state lines.

Check out the other locations too. After you visit what you've been missing in Michigan, hit the road and visit some of the other "gems' that you can see within driving distance or short roadtrips. Enjoy Michigan this travel season. Once you've seen these two locations keep exploring our state, it has much more to offer.

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