When it comes to land size, Michigan is decent compared to the rest of the states.

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According to statesymbolsusa.org, Michigan is 22 on the list of states from biggest to smallest. Making Michigan larger than more than half of the United States.

However, we all know that size isn't everything. Because even though Alaska is the biggest state in the nation, it still has a smaller population than Rhode Island (which is the smallest state according to land size).

So objectively, regardless of size, a state's population can be booming. Which brings me to my question; How many major cities are there in Michigan? And with that in mind, what constitutes a major city? I did a little bit of digging to find out.

What Population Does a City Have to Have to be Considered Major?

When it comes to the term "city" in the state of Michigan, you don't need to have a terribly large population to be one. According to census.gov, Michigan defines a city as having a "Minimum population requirement of 750, except home-rule cities, which require a minimum population of 2,000 and a population density ≥ 500 people per square mile."

But when it comes to a major city, the population needs to be a whole lot larger. In fact, the population needs to be some of the highest within the state. And not many cities qualify as "major" in the state of Michigan. Major cities have a population of 90,000 people, minimum.

How Many Major Cities are There in Michigan?

In total, according to the latest census data from citypopulation.de and michigan-demographics.com, there are 11 Michigan cities that qualify as major cities.

  1. Detroit - 645,658

  2. Grand Rapids - 197,858

  3. Warren City - 138,996

  4. Sterling Heights - 134,062

  5. Ann Arbor - 122,731

  6. Lansing - 113,592

  7. Dearborn - 107,985

  8. Clinton Charter Township - 100,328

  9. Canton Charter Township - 97,591

  10. Livonia - 95,294

  11. Macomb - 90,818

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