Last night, I checked out another Michigan-made horror movie for October. It's called Jinn, and I was pleasantly surprised! We've already checked out movies from this year and last year, so going back to 2014 for Jinn seems like a reasonable next step!

Jinn is a nice, friendly family tale of a man's battle against ancient evil creatures made of fire, and passing the battle down to his descendants. Nice of him, really.

According to the story, there were three peoples created on earth. Men, made of clay; angels, made of light; and Jinn, made of fire. The Jinn were around first, and some of them are pretty jealous of the attention mankind started getting. So they decided to start wiping out people to take back the Earth.

One guy fought them a few hundred years ago, and apparently did pretty well, since one of the baddies decided to curse his line and kill all his descendants.

Flash forward to "today" in Ann Arbor, Mich., where the last son of the family is married and living a quiet life, when he discovers that this beastie is after him. Ray Park (yes, Darth Maul is in this movie), delivers a VHS tape to our hero from the hero's father, laying out the s---storm that's coming, and telling the hero that he's the special one who can stop them.

The story is set in Ann Arbor, Mich., but was filmed in Monroe, Mich. Considering they're only about an hour apart, it doesn't really make sense to not film in Ann Arbor...unless they really wanted a lakeside location for R and R during the filming process.

So, if you see lots of Monroe locations while they're driving around and battling Jinn on the street, just remind yourself that it's really supposed to be Ann Arbor. It's movie magic, man!

The movie also features the guy from Ghostbusters who played the EPA nutjob that caused all the problems, William Atherton. There's some good acting, some not-so-great acting, some weird story problems, but it's not a horrible movie.

Check it out, and enjoy!

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