What political ideology controls all of our public schools, the liberal one.  Their attempt to further brainwash our children continues this time in a city north of Dallas Texas.

The Fort Worth Star-Tribune is reporting on a school assignment given to students at Cooper Junior High within the Wylie Independent School District north of Dallas, Texas.

The assignment included a political cartoon that depicted five scenes, allegedly starting with a slave ship officer who was kneeling on a black man’s neck and ending with a police officer kneeling on a black man’s neck with text saying “I can’t breathe”.

I have been warning parents for years that they must keep on top of what their children’s assignments are and what their teachers are telling them in the classroom.  This is a perfect example of why I make those warnings.

The school district spokesperson told the Star-Telegram that the assignment was given in a social studies class where students were supposed to be learning about the Bill of Rights.  This extremely bigoted cartoon their teacher assigned them was supposed to teach them about political satire, what is the political satire in that cartoon.  The spokesperson stated that the cartoon was chosen by the teacher was not part of the district’s curriculum.

The interesting part is the district refuses to release the teacher’s name.  Also, the district has taken no disciplinary action because they say the situation is still under review.  But do not worry because school officials have already met with their staff to instruct them on how to teach their assignments without bringing in bigoted material.  Are you surprised that they needed to be taught that, unfortunately, I am not.
The school spokesman said in:

“In hindsight, we say that they could have picked a more balanced approach...Editorial cartoons have a place in education, but try to present a more balanced approach as an educator.”

Parents, be very aware of the “teachers” your children are subjected to.  I believe the majority of them are there to do the right thing and not brainwash your children.  Unfortunately, it appears the brainwashers in the role of teachers are growing.

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