I have had a Facebook account for almost 10 years now and I wish I would've joined the group page for my neighborhood much earlier than I did. I live in Kalamazoo, in the Milwood neighborhood to be more exact, and our group page not only is helpful but is always buzzing with action. I never noticed how much enjoyment and information a simple Facebook group could provide.

Since joining the our neighborhood group at the end of November, I feel like I don't miss a thing that goes on within the confinements of our space while also feeling so connected to the people I live next to. Every post isn't stocked full with information either, some posts are simply to lift someone else's day or to draw a few laughs.

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Helpful Habitants

Living in a community where you feel like others will be there to assist you when you need it is a blessing that most don't realize is there. I didn't realize how many people in my neighborhood would lend out a helping hand until I joined our Facebook group. I even asked for cans and bottles one time and received multiple garbage bags full to add to my trip to the grocery store. Many will post they are looking for work, want to help someone shovel their walkways/driveways, and even the sightings of loose pets.

In the recent months with the pandemic completely uplifting everyone's lives from the roots, our neighborhood Facebook group has been more active and helpful than ever before. The constant cancellation of bus routes in KPS schools has parents working together to car pool and students making new friends as parents arrange for them to walk to school together. Also, the suspicious activity in the community has ramped up and we often see Ring doorbell camera replays or descriptions of attempted car jackers or even those that attempt to enter homes, steal mail, or traffic humans.

Fun Friends

As mentioned before, everything isn't always serious, and there's always time to have fun. The sheer ability to scroll on my phone and laugh for hours is something I don't take for granted, my neighborhood group is a big reason for that. There are heartwarming stories like security guards who's generosity made a difference in a high schooler's life, to someone noticing someone's kid from their block walking home and giving them a ride, and even simple things like young children mowing lawns, raking leaves, and shoveling snow for the elderly in the area.

One of the funniest things I see on our Facebook group page is the constant "complaints", which are more like jokes. One of my favorites has to do with the roads and the potholes that plague our neighborhood. One street in particular makes you scream out "SORRY" to your car the entire time you're driving. Moreland street, which runs north, south, and perpendicular to Cork street has made drivers cringe for years as their cars take abuse from the potholes. Many avoid the street for that reason and there are never any missed chances to mention the opening of the "Moreland Pools"

Whether you want to know all the information that's going on around you, simply want a chuckle, or want to feel connected to the people of your community this could be the simple answer. You don't have to go out and meet anyone face to face or get anyone's contact information, you simply just press the "Join Group" button and await your approval to enter the group from an admin. Now that you've done that you have a helpful community and a source of fun all on Facebook.

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