Former President Barack Obama recalled his visit to Kalamazoo Central High School and commended students for their response to the Florida shootings in an email.

Remember when the President came to Kalamazoo in 2010? He does. Praising students for their "engagement in the important issues of the day," President Barack Obama showed support for Kalamazoo Central High School students in an email sent to the principal.

Valerie Boggan had to wonder if it was a hoax when she got an email from Barack Obama. This was no internet stunt, the former president sent students a note saying he was proud of their response to the Parkland, Florida shootings in February of 2018. Kalamazoo Central Students collected more than 180,000 signatures on a petition to strengthen gun control laws following the deadly shooting spree.

Steering clear of a political debate, President Obama stopped short of endorsing the petition but rather told students he was proud of their leadership and reminded students to "stay at it, even if progress sometimes seems slow."

Here is the complete letter, shared on Kalamazoo Public Schools' Facebook page.

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