For nearly thirty years, Ronald and Ruth Wiser would transform their property in to a Christmas wonderland that would be a holiday tradition for families across Michigan. Unfortunately, it seems the Wisers will have to put an end to this annual institution after they discovered their decorations were destroyed by flooding while in storage. According to the couple, tens of thousands of dollars worth of decorations were damaged in the February flood, a lot of which are impossible to replace.


What started, at first, as a few decorations kept growing, according to Ruth Wiser, when it took on a "life of its own." Before long cars filled with doe-eyed children were lined up to see the Wisers' display. Like every collection, it was built slowly and deliberately, with the Wisers amassing a few things each year to add to their impressive holiday exhibit. It certainly is tragic to hear of the loss of thirty years of holiday memories, for the Wisers and for their fans. Here's to hoping that they don't let this setback keep them from starting the tradition once more.

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