Did you see it? The City of Kalamazoo lit up City Hall in pink, showing support for those affected by breast cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Nationally, one in 8 women will be affected in their lifetime and breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in Michigan women. Kalamazoo women fare slightly better than the state average, according to the latest findings.

Making Strides Kalamazoo has a vision of saving lives, celebrating lives and leading the fight for a world without cancer. The City of Kalamazoo showed it support for women everywhere by lighting up city hall pink- the color used to symbolize the fight against breast cancer.

Remember, early detection is the key to winning the fight. Michigan Department of Health & Human Services reminds women that the factors that increase the risk of breast cancer include:

  • personal history of breast cancer
  • family history
  • increasing age
  • never giving birth or first pregnancy after age 30

Breast Cancer Awareness month is a great reminder to get a screening and put your mind at ease or develop a plan to win.

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