Here's what to expect and how to participate in this year's Kalamazoo Do-Dah Parade.

Kalamazoo Do-Dah Parade 2021

Theme: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

When: Saturday, June 5th, 11 A.M.

Where:  Lovell Street, Downtown Kalamazoo

Participate: There is still time to get signed up if you would like to participate in this year's Do-Dah Parade.  Click here to get registered.

Volunteer: If you'd like to volunteer for Do-Dah click here.

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The Do-Dah Parade has a rich history in Kalamazoo.  This annual tradition began in Downtown Kalamazoo with WKMI-AM in 1984.  The parade was soon taken over by WKMI's FM sister station WKFR.  Do-Dah is facing a couple of unusual challenges these days.  It's always been like a parade version of Saturday Night Live.  The parade itself is meant to be satire.  Making fun of current events and politics or just being ridiculous.  I don't think anyone would disagree that we've been experiencing an over-correction of political correctness over the last few years.  Many people just disagree on why?  And don't get me started with the current political climate.  Unfortunately, you have to be braver than ever to when doing parodies or satire.

The other issue is obvious.  The Covid-19 Pandemic.  It brought the parade to a halt all together last year.  However, the Do-Dah Parade found away to navigate around the pandemic.  This will be a "reverse" parade according to a press release,

The "reverse" parade will spread units throughout Lovell Street, safely distancing from one unit to the next. The parade viewers (spectators) will either walk or ride bikes on either side of the viewing space; one side will be dedicated to walkers and the other side to bikers. The walkers will be able to see the units, take candy, handouts, and share the celebration of parodies, spoofs, and great displays.

For more info on this year's Do-Dah Parade click here.  We look forward to seeing you for another hilarious Kalamazoo Do-Dah Parade.  In the meantime, check out photos from Do-Dah's of the past below.

Doo-Dah Parade Memories


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