For the first time, everyone who wants to one of Santa's helpers can!

Since the start of Christmas, children have been writing to the Big Guy, with their Christmas wishes. Yet, we all know, Santa is super busy this time of year and can't read and respond to every letter he gets at the North Pole (even though he really does try). So for the first time, Chris Kringle as teamed up with USPS Operation Santa, and everyone can help answer children's wishes everywhere!

Now you can read letters from Santa’s mail room and answer the ones he can’t.
Adopt one today and make a holiday wish come true.

Here is how it works...

  • Look through letters and adopt ones you love.
  • Find the perfect gift, and keep it anonymous — it's from Santa, after all.
  • Pack your gifts in a box using our shipping guidelines.
  • Bring the gift and postage to a participating Post Office by December 21.

Mlive noted that mostly children  ask for toys, clothes, shoes or warm winter apparel, but other wishes are more difficult to grant. Truthfully some gifts don’t fit in a box, like heat, electricity, a job opportunity, a medical procedure or a home. If you have a special skill to fill those requests, a USPS representative will reach out after you adopt the letter.

Starting on Dec.4th you can start reading those beautiful letters to Santa, and start the process of making a kids dream come true, when they discover that Santa heard their request.

Oh, P.S. being an elf is a secret mission, remember you are working on behalf of Mr. Clause!


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