The Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo is a huge way for the community on the east side of the state to come together and raise money for those fighting an array of diseases which affect the kidney. Presented by the National Kidney Foundation, this years walk taking place on August 15th at the Detroit Zoo has already raised over $115,000 on their way to the goal of $325,000. But one Kalamazoo family is making the drive to Southfield to walk for their brave 2 year old son who facing unimaginable battles right now.

Liam, who is turning two years old will be participating in his very first Kidney Walk at the Zoo this Sunday. His parents, Farrah and David from Kalamazoo, are walking for “Warrior Liam”, who was born with kidney disease. Liam has Alport Syndrome, a progressive genetic condition characterized by kidney damage, hearing loss, and eye abnormalities.  Liam has already lost his hearing in one ear.

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Liam's story is a troubled one, as the disease has been in the family before, as the National Kidney Foundation shared their story on their website:

A year ago, Liam’s family and friends watched the live virtual Kidney Walk program and then walked in a nearby park. Liam’s parents found out about the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM) and the Walk at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, where Liam was tested at 1 month old because the men in Farrah’s family have a history of the disease. She lost her father to it when he was only 29.

The family has team t-shirts that say, “Alport syndrome—not for the weak” on the front and “Warrior Liam” (their team name) on the back. If you'd like to donate or get more information on the walk, you can go to the MKFM website and make a payment here.

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