First, some people got mad at the fountain display at Bronson Park. Then, other people got angry over its removal. But now the City has raised PO'd to new heights with its new candy canes on display.

While many are taking the change to new candy canes philosophically, there's a fair amount people who are not thrilled with the new ones.

A sampling of reaction on various Facebook sites, including the City's and on Vanished Kalamazoo does not pull any punches. "Horrible", "Chintzy looking", "Is this a joke?" and most succinctly, "Yuck".

And, it does open up a recent controversy again.

"So damn ugly. Dont mean to start the argument again, but the fountain is gone, Milham Park is a mess and the dam/waterfall is coming out. Now these." - reaction on the City of Kalamazoo's Facebook page.

But there is an interesting side note for those who miss the old candy canes.

The old ones had a ambiance, like a military honor guard. The way they arched and made the walkway, made it feel that way. These totally lose that affect. It's nice to have new things. An update, but it's sad that they're so different from the old ones.- Beverly McKamey on Facebook.

Photo: Bobby Guy
File photo: The former candy canes at Bronson Park. (Photo: Bobby Guy)

The old Kalamazoo city candy canes are being prepped for auction on local auction site, Biddergy. But a online petition drive has garnered almost 2,000 signatures as of Sunday mid morning.




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