Every time I give the heads up on something like this I think back to when I was a kid and how we never worried about things like this.  After all, we were swimming in ponds and creeks for crying out loud!  How we DIDN'T get sick is beyond me.  These days there seems to be more to be aware of.  Or maybe science and technology has discovered more things that were there when we were kids.

The latest health issue to be aware of is a parasite that is found in public pools.  According to an article on wilx.com, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention are warning that a parasite might be in the pool water that could literally turn your stomach.  It's called "Cryptosporidium" or "Crypto" for short.  It's spread by feces and the CDC says they're seeing more and more people come down with it.  One thing to remember is to shower after you've been in the pool.  For more details click HERE.

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