The holidays can be a seriously stressful time pretty much anywhere you go. Personally, the financial stress it puts on people, with the need of time off and an overworked retail industry can add to that anxiety and stress. Plus, there's the imminent snow that we'll have to deal with, and we know how AWESOME Michigan drivers are in the snow. But in general this time of the year can be pretty depressing as well. It's a time of reflection and sometimes thinking back on simpler times can lead to depression.

But Kalamazoo itself has its own bag of tricks when it comes to winter and I wanted to know from the city what the most frustrating thing about dealing with the holidays in Kalamazoo is. Personally, all the traffic that just builds up when it's snowing. Traffic already gets REALLY bad on Gull Rd and Westnedge, and can even pack up downtown, especially while there's construction going on. It should be a goal to find side streets to travel this winter, as extra time spent driving in peace may be worth it.

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So what are you dreading going into the holidays season this year in Kalamazoo? This is what the people are saying, so don't blow up our DMs:

These Are The Most Frustrating Things About Kalamazoo Around The Holidays

Remember to take some deep breaths before stepping out those doors:

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