We recently asked our followers in Southwest Michigan any kind of unexpected run-ins they have had with a celebrity that they never saw coming. Sure, we often get meet and greets, which is awesome, but it's those moments when you "bump" into a celebrity that really makes for an awesome story. So before sharing their stories, I'll tell you about one of the coolest and most odd ones I've ever had.

What The Heck Is He Doing Here?

The first Detroit Red Wings game I ever attended is still one of the best games they've played in the last two decades. It was the Western Conference Finals in 2002 and it was Game 7 at Joe Louis Arena, as the Wings were looking to eliminate their rivals, Colorado Avalanche. This would ultimately be Patrick Roy's final game, leaving the game being scored on 5 times. But it wasn't even the game itself that ended making this night so memorable.

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During the first intermission, my dad and I are sitting there and he says "Hey, isn't that a wrestler?" Mind you, I was a HUGE wrestling fan at this time of my life. I looked around confused as if he was messing with me. "Where?" I replied. He responded, "Right in front of us," pointing to 3 rows down. Sure enough, there was former Atlanta Falcon & WCW champion, Bill Goldberg. I looked at my dad and told him who it was and he was like, "Go say hello." There were people coming and going saying hello, so during the 2nd intermission I went down and said it was an honor to meet him and thank you for everything. "Sure man, thank you."

That was it, but it was so cool to find out later that him and Brett Hull, who at the time was on the Wings, were pretty good friends, and i assume that's why he was at the game. It was pretty wild, but just one of the cool run-in stories. Here are some more:

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