Runners in Kalamazoo at the Borgess Run Camp on Saturday got more than just an adrenaline rush from running, a number of their cars were broken into with personal items stolen, according to WWMT.

The run camp was happening at Ascension Borgess Health and Fitness center on Gull Road Saturday morning between 7:30 and 9:15 am. During that time, multiple cars had their windows shattered and cash, credit cards, and jewelry stolen.

A lot of the victims that WWMT talked to said they left their purses in the car, ideally because it would be safer, but not the case on Saturday.

WWMT reports that 7 vehicles were broken into and that it didn't take long for the thieves to test out their new finds, trying to use one of the stolen credit cards at the nearby speedway.  The story has no info about suspects being found, so I'm guessing if you have any info that can help police, you can call Kalamazoo Public Safety at  (269) 337-8120.

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