The Kalamazoo Public School announced Thursday night that classes will continue with remote learning and remain virtual through the second trimester. This means the earliest that in-person classes would resume is March 15th, 2021.

Kalamazoo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Rita Raichoudhuri made the announcement at the Oct. 22 Board of Education meeting.

As KPS explains, the district’s Smart and Safe Start Plan has three options for families to choose from. "Option 1 is a three-tiered model with phased re-entry into hybrid and then fully in-person learning. About 80 percent of KPS students are enrolled in the Option 1/three-tiered plan."

This Option 1 model had students start the year fully remote, Then, If it was safe to do so, in-person schooling would have started with the second trimester on Nov. 30th,  "using a hybrid model where the students were divided into two groups, attending either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday, and spending the remaining three days of the school week participating in independent learning at home.

Option 2A and 2B are year-long virtual models.

“To ensure that we were methodical about our decision around transitioning to Trimester 2, we created a weighted formula that prioritized safety above all else,” - Superintendent Dr. Rita Raichoudhuri.

Raichoudhuri went on to say “We surveyed parents and employees and reviewed research and health department data. The results of the formula indicated that in all categories, the recommendation was to stay in remote learning for the health and safety of our staff and students. I know this will not please all families and that learning at home can be very difficult."

She said KPS will be seeking input on how to make remote learning even better in Trimester 2. ”Students in Option 2A will receive a survey on Friday, Oct. 23, asking if they would like to remain in 2A or transfer to Option 1.

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