The last quarter of this year has seen several instances of particular positions taken regarding groups that continue to be marginalized for years.  Basically follow the golden rule: Do unto others as you'd want done unto you.  Which is why I have very little tolerance for hypocrisy.  That having been said, some clarity came to Kalamazoo Public Schools.

According to an article on

Kalamazoo Public Schools is reversing a controversial decision to leave books focusing on certain identities out of a reading initiative. The district is also apologizing for a statement that caused a public outcry. Earlier this month, two concerned parents spoke to the school board. They’d heard that an effort to diversify KPS elementary classroom libraries would not include LGBTQ-centered books.  The district said the present program would focus only on racial and ethnic diversity, and would also leave out themes of disability and economic status.The letter quickly drew condemnation from some parents, teachers, students and other community members. KPS issued a second statement Wednesday, and at a packed Board meeting Thursday, the district made it clear that its position had changed.

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