Surprisingly, "Westnedge" didn't even make the top 10. Score the most points in Scrabble with these Kalamazoo street names.

Take 100 tiles and a map of Kalamazoo and sharpen your pencils to add up the scores. Leaving out "avenue," "street," "road" and any other suffix, these are the Kalamazoo street names that will get you the most points in the game of Scrabble.

"Fountain Square" (26) and "Fraternity Village" (27) score very well based on length alone and "Hawthorn Valley" has 5 letters that score 4-points each but thanks to the 4-point double "f," an 8-point "j" and three 3-point letters, "Jefferson Commons" has the highest total at 34 points.

Other big points on the board:

  • Quail Cove (23)
  • Kromdyke (23)
  • Ojibwa (21)
  • Roxbury (21)
  • Fairfax (20)
  • Forest Creek (20)

For as difficult as it is for newcomers to pronounce, "Westnedge" only earns you 14 points in a game of Scrabble.

Put your wordplay skills to the test in the Kalamazoo Scrabble Fest, April 8 at Bell's Eccentric Cafe.

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