The City of Kalamazoo has issued a warning to residents near the Water Reclamation Plant at 1415 North Harrison, after a sewer overflow during the overnight hours of Tuesday morning. 

Harrison St near Kalamazoo River
Image: Google Maps

The city says "personnel discovered the overflow this morning and made corrective actions returning the plant to normal condition. The amount of partially treated wastewater released to the Kalamazoo River is estimated to be 572,222 gallons.  City staff is assessing the impact to the surrounding area and the Kalamazoo River between Paterson Street Bridge and D Avenue Street Bridge."

The City of Kalamazoo Department of Public Services and the Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department are "advising all persons to avoid contact around the affected areas, which includes the Kalamazoo River from Paterson Street Bridge to D Avenue Bridge. All surface water activities including swimming, wading, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking should cease. They also recommended that all persons avoid these areas and keep pets and children away until the area is assessed."

"If contact with partial treated wastewater is made, avoid spreading and tracking and clean and disinfect shoes, clothes, and skin thoroughly. This advisory will remain in effect until further investigation and sampling indicates that risk has been minimized. Additional information will be available after sampling results are received."

The city says "as required by law, Water Reclamation Plant personnel notified the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality at the Kalamazoo District Office and the Kalamazoo County Environmental Health and Community Services of the spill."

Any questions should be directed to the Department of Public Services at (269) 337-8768.


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