Kalamazoo is pacing to potentially break its record for the lowest snowfall of the entire "winter" season. I use quotes because as our state has shown us, we sometimes like to get snowfall all the way up to April, and on the rare occasion, May. Last year from the winter of 2020 into 2021, Kalamazoo recorded its lowest snowfall in inches since 1998, accumulating only 44.7 inches total. As we take a look at the minimal snowfall we've received through the months they track the snowfall, we're pacing to break the record.

By The Numbers

Before Kalamazoo broke the record last year, the snowfall had been trending down since 2018, and before that saw a major dip. Back in 2013, the most snowfall in that timeframe had been set when we got 115 inches, only to drop to 73 total in 2014.

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Since 1998, we've only broke the 100 mark 3 times, with exactly 100 in 2001, 103.9 in 2008, and the record 115 in 2013.

Lowest of the Lows

We went 21 years in between the two times we've only recorded inches in the 40's, with 1999 only getting 49.5 and last years record of only 44.7. That being said, it's been almost a decade since we've recorded over 100 inches, which seems to occur every 6 to 7 years in the time frame, so we could be due.

What Could Make or Break The Record

On average since 1998, January has had the most snowfall out of all months. It's hard to predict how much snow we will get based on averages though, because December has totaled 18.4 average inches in snowfall since 98', and this month we only saw 3.3.

As of the 29th, the data shows that so far we've only recorded 13.5 inches, and if we go off those numbers, on average, we'll get around 40.5 inches total this winter. What will make or break that is how much snow we get on this historically heavy months of January & February. Let's keep our fingers cross, as we wait to see.

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