A listener visited his local Taco Bell in Kalamazoo over the weekend and was met with a sign at the drive-thru that stated:

“Due to shortages at our distribution center we are currently out of:






-Black Beans

-Baja Blast Soda

We apologize for any inconvenience please stop at the window for a coupon”

Photo Provided By Michigan Resident Asking To Remain Anonymous
Photo Provided By Michigan Resident Asking To Remain Anonymous

The listener wrote that “Biden’s failures to fix supply issues are now hitting home”.  He ended his email with “But.....No more "mean tweets"!  So, there's that”.  Yes, the people who voted for Biden and the Democrats can say what Bill Murry’s character in Caddyshack said: “So I've got that going for me”!

The listener did get it somewhat correct when they stated there are no more mean tweets coming from the Presidency.  Although even worse there are very mean and ugly words coming from Biden and the Democrats about tens of millions of Americans they call the unvaccinated, whom they consider today’s unwashed.

Let us look at the bright side at least Taco Bell is not yet out of tacos, yet.

Might that be next with Biden’s policies, lack of ability to get the supply chain issues on the right track, and the Democrat’s spending?

On inflation, Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said yesterday on CNN that she doesn’t expect inflation to return to a normal rate until at least the middle of next year.  Great but she did add that doesn’t mean the U.S. is losing control of inflation.  Of course not Ms. Yellen it just means the Biden Administration, you and the Fed are losing control of inflation.

She did end her interview on this:

“Americans haven’t seen inflation like we have experienced recently in a long time. But as we get back to normal, expect that to end.”

When will that normal be Ms. Yellen?

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