The recent passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the replacement of her seat in the Supreme Court has made a lot of people worried about the future of anyone who benefited from all the amazing things she accomplished in life. Replacing a very liberal seat with a conservative one is obviously going to cause some concern that the well being of millions will be sacrificed for the comfort of others. Kalamazoo has always stood up when action was needed.

This year, our cities' voices have been amplified possibly more than ever before. RBG's recent passing has inspired Kalamazoo women of leadership to organize a march on Saturday, October 17th in Bronson Park at 11 a.m. Their event asks others to join them for an: "Empowering get together with music, speakers, poetry and motivation to move forward for change. We will also be walking together."

It is important to bring your mask and expect to social distance. The organizers went into detail about the specifics of the event, stating:

This is a non-violent expression of our commitment to womens, LGBT, race and religious rights. Let's come together to build our enthusiasm and commitment for the next several weeks to keep what we have worked so hard for. We are in the process of organizing and as we get our list of speakers and our walking route, this will be added. We want you to have fun with our rally. If you want to dress up as your favorite strong woman or wear your pink hat (Maybe RBG or another), go for it. Bring noise makers for the walk and your most creative signs. We will be having a sign party. Please no balloons at the rally for the environment. We will have a life size cut out of Ruth Bader Ginsburg for selfies. Commissioner Stephanie Moore will be the emcee and we are working to have a dynamic program.
Any inquires about the event can be made to Michelle Zukowski-Serlin or Jo Morgan through the event page.
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