A new shop has come to town

This brand new market located in the heart of Kalamazoo will have you coming back for more time and time again. Locally owned by a young couple, the market seems to have it's pulse on the needs of Kalamazoo residents.

Fresh vegetables and fruit that is purchased locally whenever possible. Vegan options, a hot lunch special served up fresh daily. You can't ignore the deli with fresh made soups and sandwiches.

When you purchase your lunch you can relax outside and enjoy the beautiful downtown area. Prices and competitive and they do have some unique spices and oils that make you want to try a new recipe.

Take some time to check out this fun new shop in Downtown Kalamazoo!

Take a tour of the Market on Michigan Ave. (MOMA), and see the reviews that have been posted online about this gem of a grocery store!


Erica S. made her thoughts known on Yelp.comI have been waiting for over a year of living in the downtown area for a place like this! The downtown area desperately needed a market/convenience/deli with FRESH produce, salad/sandwich/hot bar for those that live and work downtown.


Sally H reported this to Yelp.com - 'Wow, what a great new market for downtown Kalamazoo...great long hours 7 days per week, too! Inside you will find breads from Sarkozy's and Fourth Coast Bakeries with a handy cheese display nearby, a deli counter with signature sandwiches featuring Boars Head meats, wines in abundance, and a stock of basic food, on shelves and freezer cases. Organic? Yes. Many vegan and gluten free options too."


Niki Sobell posted on Facebook - "Friendly staff. Great food. Nice grocery selection."


Lisa D. expressed her thoughts on Yelp.com - "As other reviewers have stated 'Finally'! So glad they are open and filling a much needed gap we have had in the downtown. As a downtown resident, I want to shop local as much as possible! My husband and I have scoped the store out a couple of times and purchased some specialty items we have never seen before! Whether you are preparing a full dinner menu or need to pick up some Clancy's along with toilet paper, this establishment has you covered!"


Emma Elms noted on FacebookMOMA is an amazing little grocery store! Not only can you buy fresh, local, groceries, but you can also buy freshly made sandwiches (and other food) that tastes phenomenal! P.S. the store also has a fantastic wine selection!


Russell Nappier shared his thoughts on Facebook - "Amazing grocery store in Downtown Kalamazoo by the Radisson."


Heather Barnhart posted this comment on Facebook - "Fabulous lunch! Great location and awesome staff."


Boyd Culver posted his thoughts on Facebook - "Awesome place. Cannot wait to go back!"


MOMA is open 7 days a week from 7 am to 8 pm and you can find them at 19 East Michigan, Ave 49007.

I will see you down there!

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