The public auction was a success and the old Kalamazoo Candy Canes will be savored

This year, Kalamazoo said 'Goodbye' to the classic Bronson Park Candy Cane Lane and uncomfortably said 'Hello' to a fresher path of a candy to stroll.

The old candy canes found new homes and earned the treasured park some extra cash! According to Mlive, in a  one-day, online auction all 48 classic Candy Canes were sold to the highest bidders. Each candy cane sold for roughly $200 and the total was around $8,600. All the money goes back to the city of Kalamazoo.

One of the high bidders was John O’Keefe. John and and his wife purchased 12 of the old candy canes and set them up outside their home. When asked why they bought 12 pieces and what they  planned to do with the memorabilia, Mr. O'Keefe's response was lovely...

Christmas decorations give us a good sense of home. We’re just going to hold onto them and keep trying to preserve some of the history.

It's nice to know that Kalamazoo's old Candy Canes will be treasured!

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