Give a Michigander two consecutive nights of temperatures under 70 degrees and you better bet we start reaching for our extra hot, steamed beverage of choice. One of our favorites is back for the fall menu at a local coffee shop.

Water Street Coffee Joint Espresso Drink
Photo Courtesy Of Water Street Coffee Joint

Water Street Coffee Joint is a staple in Kalamazoo's coffee scene. Between their single origin espresso offerings to the seasonal, made-from-scratch food menu, I can't help but stop there every time I pass it by. Their menu changes with the seasons, and that means that their Fall Menu has dropped even if the temperatures haven't joined yet. What comes on the fall menu? The most heavenly drink you'll ever taste, and it is called a Chaider. What is this "Chaider"?

Local, Apple Cider + Chai Tea + Steamed To Perfection = Chaider

Apple Picking
Credit: Ben Meyer, Getty Images

Did you know that Water Street Coffee Joint uses a local apple orchard to supply all their delicious Cider drinks? Schultz Fruitrage Farms in Mattawan is a 500 acre farm that includes U-Pick lanes. September starts the apple picking season, so you're in luck. Not only can you now grab a steaming, delicious, soul inspiring Chaider, but you can head down to the farm to get your hands on your very own apples from Schultz.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Oh wait, that phrase is suppose to be talking about Christmas?

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