I was amazed when someone pointed me to a Facebook posting of the Kellogg Community College (KCC) Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Jorge Zeballos with a picture of him holding a sign.

Photo courtesy of Kellogg Community College
Photo courtesy of Kellogg Community College

He was holding that sign at President Trump’s Christmas Rally in Battle Creek.  That sign read as follows:

  • F@%k Trump
  • F@%k McConnell
  • F@%k Graham

The words F@%k were actually spelled out, I am not a crude person like Jorge Zeballos appears to be so I used the symbols in place of the letters.

Really, the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer of Kellogg Community College protested the President with such foul language and proving to the world that he is not inclusive or quite frankly articulate, is he?

In a press release announcing his hiring KCC said:

Kellogg Community College today announced the creation of a new Office of Equity and Inclusion at the College as the institution expands its commitment to creating an inclusive environment that fosters respect, supports cultural understanding, demonstrates ethical behavior and champions social justice...KCC also announced Jorge Zeballos will lead the new office as Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer.

Well does protesting our President or really anyone in the manner in which he chooses with the words he thought long about then committed those words to a sign create “an inclusive environment that fosters respect, supports cultural understanding, demonstrates ethical behavior”.  Will KCC stand up to what they said in their press release or in their mind is this “respect” and “ethical behavior” they speak of a one-way street.

Regardless of your views about President Trump or for that matter any President or person this certainly is not the language you should be using.  I assume Jorge is an educated person and probably could have chosen better words to show how un-inclusive he really is behind the scene.

Does he have First Amendment rights to say and do what he did? Yes!

Does he have the right to a job as a Chief “Equity and Inclusion Officer” at a college? No!

Is this the type of behavior you would expect from someone working in "higher education" and being paid by our tax dollars?

Will Kellogg Community College stand for such behavior or take action by removing him from ever being around students let alone professors who teach students?  We will see.

Will Kellogg Community College say to him what he said to Trump, McConnell, and Graham?

He must have realized that people found out what he did and were disgusted by it because last night he scrubbed his Facebook Page of anything Trump, Republicans, and the photo.  You can see that photo he was previously so proud of that he put it on his Facebook page by clicking here.  Be prepared as I stated he uses very foul language.

Click here to contact any Kellogg Community College Board member.

The next Kellogg Community College Board of Trustees Meeting is Wednesday, January 15 at 6:30 p.m. on the 3rd floor of the Roll Building.

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