There are wars and there are wars. On the positive side, a good 'ol gas war saves you money at the pump. And now, there's a battle developing in the fake meat world. With Impossible Burgers selling like hot cakes (there's got to be a better way to word that), and Beyond Burgers doing well, too, now Kellogg's has entered the battle for hearts and stomachs of consumers with "Incogmeato".

The company's MorningStar Farms line already sells popular veggie burgers, but this new patty will "bleed" like the Impossible Burger. - CNET

"Incogmeato" will be sold under the MorningStar Farms banner,  and not only will there be burgers but also faux "chik 'n fingers" and "chik 'n nuggets".

CNET says Kellogg's will have "incogmeato" products in stores early next year. While there are many new players in the faux meat wars, Kellogg's enters the fray with a big advantage as they are already the no. 1 seller of veggie burgers. (Also some wags might be asking, if as in the news business, will it also be true in faux meat? "If it bleeds, it leads")

The market is getting crowded with Tyson and Hormel announcing they're in. (Hormel's name is precious: Happy Little Plants) It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Much like the Atkins and South Beach Diets were all the rage a decade ago, let's see how and what people are eating five years from now.



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