Democrats from Lansing want to increase school funding another $33 per student to the districts that were given the least increase in the new budget.

The lowest increases to Michigan school districts funding was increased up to $175 per pupil with the highest funded school districts seeing a $50 per pupil increase.

Where does Democratic state Reps. Sam Singh, Theresa Abed, Andy Schor and Tom Cochran want the money to come from?

The would like to see the funding for the increase of the increase to come from the teachers retirement fund.

Now how does under funding the teachers retirement fund, like the Michigan legislature has been doing for years, going to help the situation?  The Democrats want to continue their practice of under funding the teachers retirement fund thus kicking the can once again down the road.

Do you think this is fair?

Do you think this is the right thing to do?

What are they going to say when they start making noise about the teacher retirement fund being underfunded.  You see the retirement fund is constitutionally protected and they will just say we must fund the underfunded teachers retirement fund due to the law, forgetting to mention that they stole from the fund years ago.

This is not solving a problem they see just delaying to make the hard decisions.

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