If you're an unproductive person who is not an asset to society and you riot, loot, burn, destroy, steal, and beat people up nothing happens to you.  The “authorities” simply look the other way and let you get away with it or in the case of Fort Worth Texas arrest you and then drop all charges.  If you're a law-abiding productive citizen who is an asset to society that creates jobs and pays taxes you will get ticketed, especially for being out of compliance with coronavirus public health orders.

It is shameful and perverse.

Where are our real leaders?

How do so many ineffective and weak people get elected?

What will this mean for the future or our country and our children and grandchildren?

The Tennessean is reporting that someone sent a photo of a packed Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk Bar and Steak House last weekend to the “authorities”.  The patrons were acting like the protesters and marchers and not all wearing masks and were standing shoulder to shoulder listen to music, drinking, and eating.  They were not rioting, looting, burning, stealing, and destroying anything, they were actually paying for their drinks and food and not stealing it.

The director or Nashville's Tennessee’s Metro Public Health Department Dr. Michael Caldwell went the next night to the bar and restaurant and saw the same scene so he issued a citation for:

serving people that were seated at the bar and for not observing proper social distancing inside the establishment

The owner of the restaurant Steve Smith through his lawyer Brian Lewis stated:

We find it very unfair that Mayor (John) Cooper can encourage thousands of people to march with him in violation of his own phases, but he wants to hold the Nashville business community hostage

Mr. Lewis went on to say that the citation was:

selective prosecution," and they "intend to fully litigate...We're sick of it...It is so unfair. It’s a double standard being applied to us, and we’re tired of it.

Perhaps those patrons should have been rioting, looting, burning, destroying, stealing, and beating people up and the Nashville health officials and the mayor would have looked the other way.  In fact, they probably would have encouraged it along with the mainstream manipulative news.

It is time for the adults to take over.  I hope there are many adults in the silent majority who will simply keep quiet and vote for the party of law and order this fall.  Not the party of defunding the police, encouraging what is happening, and looking the other way.

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