Sometimes you don't mind paying a little more to keep a favorite local business in business.

Hey, that's only 8 more quarters: Klassic Arcade has raised the price of admission to $7- their first hike in 14 years. Not even Facebook is complaining, if you can believe that! Here are some of the comments:

  • No problem with that increase at all.
  • Still great!!
  • Still less than I spent on every trip to the arcade in 1985...
  • $7 is still more than reasonable for a day at the Klassic Arcade.
  • Thank you for keeping it there as long as you have! There is still an incredible bargain to be had at your new rate and I’m glad to pay that to play your awesome collection of Klassic games. A true value, and we thank you for it!
  • Worth every penny!
  • $7 is still an extreme bargain and a fabulous deal.
  • At still an awesome deal. Thanks guys for keeping it reasonable. See you soon
Klassic Arcade opened South of town in 2003 and the 2.0 version opened in downtown Gobles in July of 2017. More gaming space means more games and a larger area for parties. Klassic Arcade also features a massive array of soda flavors, including Butterbeer from the Harry Potter books.

Bonus Video: Take a Look Inside Klassic Arcade 2.0 Just Before Their Grand Opening

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