Sometime overnight on May 11th, 2021 there was a major string of mail thefts in Kalamazoo, according to one resident who reached out to let the community know over Reddit. This is an issue that is occasionally seen in mailboxes that don't require you to open them with a key and the issue affected an entire area near Kalamazoo Valley Community College. The resident reached out to find information on how they can keep this from re-occuring:

Kvcc area, whole condo community hit with mailboxes left open. Has any other areas around town been affected? Also good home security camera recommendations...I know ring doorbells are good but my hoa (Homeowner's Association) is really picky and I'd prefer just a good old fashion camera. Thank you

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A few other residents fired back with criticism but to also offer some suggestions for anyone who's gone through a similar problem:

For as picky as your HOA apparently is it seems like they could have prevented a mass theft like this. If they are so anal that you can’t even use ring doorbells id move cause that sounds like a nightmare. You can get cheap WiFi outdoor cameras all over Amazon. My friend has milo branded ones that work fairly well.

Even options off of pet websites even have an option:

I would recommend WYZE I got one off for cheap. auto records any movement and audio for you to save up for 15 days

Porch pirates are a constant threat and going forward, we need to come up with a solution that protects our packages. One suggestion I find that works great is if you work a day job, when ordering a package, have it shipped to your work, where at least it can remain protected instead of out in the open.

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