You are not going to believe what the University of California (UC) president Janet Napolitano’s office has been training faculty members at the University of California: “microaggressions.”

You are probably saying right now, what the heck is a “microaggression”?

Do not feel stupid, I did not know either.

I read an article in the Daily Caller which reported that “according to activists, 'microaggressions' are subtle actions, usually unintentional, that perpetuate discrimination against disadvantaged groups even in environments where overt discrimination has been abolished.”

I said to myself, whattttttt?

The left at UC wants their staff to avoid and root out these microaggressions in attempt to not offend anyone.

Remember in today’s PC world we must avoid offending anyone at any time, oh except if you are a white male or Christian.

What are examples of microaggression according to their guidelines?:

  • America is the land of opportunity
  • Affirmative action, because it is racist
  • America as a “melting pot” (it orders people to assimilate, their guidelines states that “there is only one race, the human race," denying the significance of a person’s ethnic or racial history)
  • Asking Asians, Hispanics, or Native Americans to speak up more (“pathologizing” foreign norms and treating white norms as “normal”)
  • Using “he” as a generic pronoun for all people (it makes the male experience universal and the female experience “invisible”)
  • Using forms where individuals must identify as male or female (it excludes the full LGBT experience)
  • Phrases such as “hard worker” because they believe it is a euphemisms for bias

Now this seems a bit too much for me, what about you?

Also “land of opportunity,” really, that is offensive to some people? You have to be kidding me.

This PC attitude has just come too far for me.

What do they think they will accomplish with this whitewashing (no pun intended) of our society?

Why do people with this train of thought think that America is the “land of no offensive comments?”

Since when does someone have the right not to be offended.

What about us who believe America is the “land of opportunity,” can we then be offended?

I am offended by this training, can I complain to Mrs. Napolitano.

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