We may not be out of the woods yet as far as snow is concerned.  You won't believe how late it has snowed in the Kalamazoo area.

After experiencing sunshine and 72 degrees in Kalamazoo on the first full day of Spring, it's hard to imagine that we still have freezing temps in the future.  But...we do.  In fact, we could see snow with a low of 20 on Saturday, March 25th, and drop down to a low of 18 on Sunday, March 26th according to WWMT's 7-day forecast.  Not to mention, my iPhone weather app indicates 6 days in a row of below freezing temps for over lows in its 10-day forecast.  So, when can we pack our winter clothing away?  Good question.  Let's take a look at the history of the latest snowfall in Kalamazoo and surrounding areas using data from Climate.gov.

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The latest "last snowfall of the season" recorded in Kalamazoo history was on May 14th, 1895.  It was only about a third of an inch.  But dang, snow on May 14th?  The same amount of snow fell on Kalamazoo on May 9th, 1923.

The Latest "Last Snowfall of the Season" in Southwest Michigan Cities

Kalamazoo: May 14th, 1895 (.3 Inch)

Battle Creek: May 19th, 1924 (1 Inch)

South Haven: May 9th, 1923 (3.5 Inches)

St. Joseph: May 9th, 1923 (1 Inch)

Niles: May 11th, 1966 (1 Inch)

Three Rivers: May 11th, 1966 (.5 Inch)

Hastings: May 14th, 1895 (3.5 Inches)

Albion: May 19th, 1924 (1 Inch)

Paw Paw: May 9th, 1954 (1 Inch)

It is unlikely that we will see snow in May.  However, snow in March is just a part of life in Southwest Michigan.  How about April?  Yeah, it's a thing.  In fact, Prince wrote a song called "Sometimes It Snows in April."

Check out the latest snowfall of the season where you live using the interactive map at Climate.gov.

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