Several lawsuits are now being filed against the Battle Creek-based Kellogg Company, over an illness they say they suffered after eating Honey Smacks Cereal.

The first lawsuit was filed Thursday on behalf of Audrea Johnson of Oklahoma, with law firm Ron Simon & Associates saying she ate Honey Smacks June 16, and became severely ill within 24 hours. She had to be hospitalized for three days due to Salmonella infection, and claims to still be suffering symptoms. Johnson’s lawsuit seeks $75,000 in damages plus costs and fees.

Just one day later, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of Winnie Lemieux of Kansas by law firm Marler Clark. Her story is similar, saying she ate Honey Smacks over two weeks in May before coming down with severe symptoms linked to Salmonella infection. Lemieux is seeking at least $25,000 in damages, with costs and fees.

Kellogg’s has already recalled their Honey Smacks cereal that might be linked to a Salmonella outbreak affecting 31 states, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that you shouldn’t eat any Honey Smacks at all until they give to OK.

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