I sincerely hope and pray that my headline is incorrect.  I hope and pray that every single dime from the approximately $110 million dollars coming to Kalamazoo County and the cities/townships in the county will all go directly to cost related to the Covid-19 virus.

I also know that is probably a pipedream.  MLive is reporting that the United States House Oversight Committee is estimating that Kalamazoo County and 19 cities and Townships that are located in Kalamazoo County will be receiving approximately $110 million dollars in slush funds, excuse me I meant Covid-19 stimulus funds.

According to Deputy City Manager Jeff Chamberlain:

“We are currently reviewing the bill’s language and are awaiting the final rules on how the funds can be spent…Until we receive the final rules from the federal government we cannot say for certain how the funds will be allocated.”

Will all those funds go to Covid-19 related expenditures, my opinion is no.  They will somehow attempt to stretch their reasoning so far it will break like a rubber band but they will not care it is free money to them.  Free money that our descendants will have to pay off someday so they (meaning the Democrats in the Congress who passed this monstrosity) simply do not care.  What we are doing to our descendants is despicable, immoral and disgusting.

To put these lottery winnings in context the City of Kalamazoo’s entire budget for 2021 totaled approximately $213,900,000.  They are set to receive $40,630,000 as part of their lottery winnings.  That is approximately 19% of the cities entire budget for a year.

How much is Kalamazoo County and the cities/townships that are located in the county receiving, here are the numbers:

  • Kalamazoo County $51,410,000
  • Kalamazoo $40,630,000
  • Portage $5,528,843
  • Oshtemo Township $2,289,745
  • Kalamazoo Township $2,236,525
  • Texas charter township$1,703,238
  • Comstock charter township$1,539,727
  • Cooper charter township $1,092,738
  • Schoolcraft township $897,631
  • Richland township $826,935
  • Pavilion township $635,678
  • Ross township $489,743
  • Brady township $449,655
  • Alamo township $389,819
  • Climax township $250,697
  • Prairie Ronde township $238,750
  • Galesburg $205,475
  • Charleston Township $205,798
  • Parchment $180,494
  • Wakeshma township $134,186

I will remind you that money is fungible.  Meaning they will spend those funds on something related to Covid-19 because there is a c-o-v-i or d in the words of the project.  They will then take the money from their budgets intended for the project and use that to top off underfunded government union pension funds or some other unrelated project.

As I started this piece off with, I sincerely hope that I am wrong and every penny that is spent is legitimately needed and will not be used for any other reason.  Also it would not be used so they could take the funds and backfill other projects to free up general fund money for their careless spending in the past.

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