The cut backs in our schools are truly hurting our kids.

My friend Jen posted a message on Facebook about our school systems. She recently watched the new show by Mike Rowe ('Dirty Jobs' guy) called 'Returning the Favor'. This is a show via Facebook hosted by Mike Rowe where he finds people that are making a difference in their community and gives back to them. Recently, Mike meet up with a gentleman who volunteers as a shop teacher, because the school district cant afford one. This apparently is not an oddity in the schools now days.

My  friend Jen is a teacher and a mother here in Kalamazoo and her post was about the fact that our school systems are eliminating shop classes. Unbelievable!

As a middle school teacher and Owen’s mom I commend Coach Frank and Mike Rowe for recognizing the need to bring back shop class. Take the time to watch the video. If you do not have kids in school you might not realize that many middle schools and high schools haven’t offered shop classes in years. Owen’s first opportunity to take these kinds of classes will be at a tech center when he’s a junior in high school- and only if he’s accepted into the program. It hasn’t been easy keeping him engaged in school. Engagement comes easier to him if he’s building or modifying something with his hands.

I had no idea that the opportunity for students to learn a trade has been either eliminated or incredibly limited.  The response on Facebok was incredibly supportive.

Leslie W. replied...

Ask anyone who works for a manufacturing company - they are dying for skilled labor. Many are paying for schools to have sophisticated shops and training programs.

Audra S. said...

Agree Whole heartedly

Joanne S. stated...

Agree 100%

I hate the idea that schools do not have the resources to help students find their paths.

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